Human Rights

The first human right inside society is have a roof and a salary”

Why are there homeless?

The society require an economical level for each single person is working and living inside society. A homeless person became austist after found their selfs out of society.

A simple law can solve this problem”

The society don’t have a law helping this situation understanding they became homeless because they can no help their own selfs to be inside the laboral system, annoying vision knowing that a few coins do not help anything.

A simple law helping social austists can resolve the problem, founding accommodation and work through the mandatory stop of an officer observing this situation.

Society understands that sometimes a regular person acquires begging as their own job, this social action should be penalized by law.

In winter, countries with very low temperatures such as Canada, England or Russia… the person who reaches this level of social autism with disease dies sleeping.

In the first and second world there are factories and farms with accommodation, know the number of free vacants is a possible fast project for a period of time to reconstruct their social level, social workers helping the rehabilitation can be the solution, a law make the action.

Chris Moulton is presenting Project Homeless helping the society with Christopher Michael Moulton Consulting Business Bank as a financials consulting for social solutions